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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Frank Skinner compares the Queen to 'football fans wrecking towns'

The comedian Frank Skinner has launched a savage verbal attack on the Queen, likening her to English football hooligans wrecking towns. 

In an extraordinarily outburst prompted by Her Majesty’s reaction to a recent portrait gift, the Room 101 presenter said he was now “finished with the Queen” and accused her of being “rude” and “deliberately low-brow”. 

The 58-year-old funnyman launched his scathing assault on the monarch during his show on Absolute Radio

Co-host, Alun Cochrane brought up the presentation to the Queen by the German President Joachim Gauck of a modernist portrait during her recent visit to Germany. 

The acrylic painting – entitled Horse in Royal Blue - depicts a young Princess Elizabeth on a blue pony, with her father George VI holding the reins. 

Horse in Royal Blue by Nicole Leidenfrost

Her reaction was cool to say the least. She said: “That’s a funny colour for a horse.” 

This was too much for Skinner who could barely conceal his contempt for a royal who is held in almost universal high regard by her subjects, including many republicans. 

He said: “I’ve always had a soft spot for the Queen, as you know. To me I’m finished with the Queen now. To me that is like…that’s up there with English football fans wrecking towns and stuff.” 

And he wasn’t finished. He said the Queen was guilty of the “sort of deliberate celebration of ignorance that you normally associate with The Only Way Is Essex”. 

“I honestly thought it was a terrible, terrible moment,” he added. 

Even that wasn’t enough. The Three Lions and Fantasy Football League star appeared to be livid because, as he saw it, the Queen had “had a go” at the artist, Nicole Leidenfrost, and not appreciated the questionable merits of her work. 

He said the Queen's comments were “rude and deliberately low-brow”. And this from a man who has sung a duet of Da Do Ron Ron with Mr Methane, a lycra-clad so-called ‘Performing Flatulist’ whose act revolves around breaking wind to order. 

Skinner went on: “It’s the worst thing that’s ever happened. Don’t mention the Queen to me. She doesn’t mind a blood-covered stag being the wrong colour.” 

One listener to the show said: “Frank Skinner is one of the funniest comedians of the modern era and he often makes comments that are a little extreme to get a laugh - but this was different. 

“He considers himself a bit high-brow these days, something of an intellectual and culture-vulture and the Queen’s reaction to this artwork had clearly annoyed him greatly. 

“He’s entitled to his opinion I guess but I reckon he’s blown any chance he may ever have had of being recognised in the Queen’s birthday honours. 

"And, to be fair to the Queen, that painting was rubbish.”